Personnel policy

«By treating people at the first place you will never make a mistake».

Michael Marx


Human recourse policy of our company is first of all based on comprehensive strategy of work with personnel that combines various forms, methods and models of human resources management.

Our employees are the team of more than 1000 people being the main potential of "Schedro" company.

Human recourse strategy is targeted on creation of such conditions where every employee is given a possibility to display the best results, as well as the possibility to actualize most of his/her potential.

Human resources management of "Schedro" company includes the following directions:

-  Selection and adaptation;

-  Assessment;

-  Training and development;

-  Inner communications;

- Conducting personnel documentation in strict correspondence with legislation of Ukraine.

The main principles of human recourse policy include:

  - We are glad to see young, perspective and goal-oriented people as a part of our team.

   - We are ready to perform long-term investments into personnel development, which means to pay attention to training and professional development of our employees.

  - We welcome and promote the desire of employees to grow together with the company.

  - The "Schedro" team works as a single whole, irrespective of the position and location of the employee.

  - Our work is based on principles of respect to every employee.

  The value of our employees is first of all defined by productivity, work experience and observance of ethical standards established in the team.

Thanks to personnel reserve created in the company our employees have an opportunity of career growth and development.

The purpose of internal personnel reserve is to provide a possibility to replace any administrative position operatively at the expense of internal resources of the company and also provide the possibility to improve the quality of personnel training in the company.

The high level of professionalism of our employees is sustained and developed at the expense of our training and improvement system. Basic principle of this process is a corporate training in various forms: workplace training, mentorship, individual training, corporate seminars and trainings.

Our company constantly grows and develops. We are proud of our employees and are always happy to see professionals in our team - active, focused and successful people - such as the personnel of "Schedro" company.