20 2016

SchedroTM continues to develop a new market sector – products for kids. The company presented a mayonnaise for kids aged three.


The product name is «Homemade for kids». It is safe for kid’s health and has no food colorings, flavorings, starch and other chemical components.


"It's a completely natural product that consists of purely natural ingredients: sunflower oil, egg yolk, apple vinegar, mustard oil, sugar and salt" – emphasized Svitlana Pavlenko, Head of Research and Development Department at SchedroTM.


For about two years SchedroTM team has been developing a mayonnaise for kids. "Every loving mother aims at giving her child the best. Being a mom I know how important it is for a kid to eat healthy food. Developing «Homemade for kids» our team set an ambitious goal – to produce the best mayonnaise in Ukraine that will be delicious and useful for kids" – said Olga Pivikova, Marketing Director at SchedroTM.

New mayonnaise as well as other SchedroTM products is produced in accordance with international quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 and international standard for food safety ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) and corresponds to the State Standards of Ukraine.