01 2015

SchedroTM continues to develop organic products. Being a leader and innovator in this industry, we are confident that our customers deserve the best, natural and high-quality products. We are therefore delighted to present the first in Ukraine line of organic ketchups!


Spices are the ingredients that fully reveal richness of ketchup taste, make it intense and unique in flavor. The better spices are the better taste ketchup has! Our technologists improved the formula for all SchedroTM ketchups. Ketchups «Nejnyi», «Shashlychnyj», «Cherry», «Chili», «Barbecue» include organic onion, garlic, black pepper, chili pepper, paprika, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf and cumin. 


Our ketchups have eco-certificate "Green crane" that confirms ecological safety at all stages of production. It is also worth noting that as of now SchedroTM is the only ketchup producer in Ukraine that has such certification. 


We have not only changed the formula, but the packaging design as well. New design embodies the idea of diversity of types and flavors of spices emphasizing that our ketchups are organic, natural and ecologic.


Your favorite ketchups are now even tastier! Get them in chain and retail stores!