07 àïðåëü 2011

According to a research conducted by FOOD Technologies and Equipment publication (Specialized information and analytical magazine for production managers and technologists), “Schedro” TM was rated “excellent”. The purpose of the research is to determine the level of competitiveness of the eight samples of high-calorie mayonnaise “Provençale” by the following trademarks: “Schedro”, “Torchin”, “Veres”, “Fores”, “Chumak”, “Olkom”, “Mack May” and “Zhirnoff”. The influence of quality on ensuring the competitiveness of mayonnaise products, its positioning in the market and the needs of consumers were considered.

Evaluation of quality was carried out on a 5-point scale. The following parameters were taken into account: form, consistency, taste, smell and color of mayonnaise.

Ergonomics of packages (Doy-packs with cap were found the most easy-to-use packs) and labeling of samples (“Fores”, “Olkom”, “Calve”, “Mack May” and “Veres” trademarks had vague printing of production date and batch number) were additionally analyzed.

The competitiveness of brands was calculated by the formula:




where Pfunctional, Paesthetic, Ðeconomic are combined parametric indexes for the functional (taste, color, smell, consistency), aesthetic (package form and its appeal) and economic (retail price, marketing support) indicators. The results of the calculations are shown in the diagram:


Mayonnaise “Provençale” by “Schedro” TM again confirmed its status of a high quality product and leading position in its segment!


The authors of the research: Eugenia Tishchenko, Tatiana Lukyanchuk