20 2010
According to the results of the annual All-Ukrainian "Brand of the Year" rating contest, "Schedro" TM was named the "Brand of 2010" in "Flawless Quality" nomination in mayonnaise and sauce category!

It won on the basis of a research conducted by the organizers throughout the territory of Ukraine.

The history of the competition began in 2000. For seven years it was won by more than 170 brands that have taken leading positions in their industries and have become more than just a product or service for their customers - they have become Brands.

The contest is not only supported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, but has also become international and is recognized by economic structures of 19 countries.

Ukrainian consumers have known about the competition for 10 years and trust its results.

The title of "Brand of 2010" is a recognition of the national level, high-quality and a unique taste of products by "Schedro" TM.