16 2014

Schedro, one of the leading brands in mayonnaise products market, which is famous for its innovative approach to development, presented modern PET packaging for mayonnaise instead of traditional old-fashioned glass can. Form of this packaging became more attractive for customers due to stylish design developed by Italian designers.


Specialists of Schedro TM investigate customer needs in order to offer the best solution for the most exacting inquiries both in flavors and ingredients, and in packaging. From now on our customers can find Schedro TM mayonnaise not only in traditional packaging, as a doy-pack, fill-pack and plastic bucket, but also in 460 g PET packaging. 


PET jar is more attractive for customers due to its lightness and practicability: it neither crumples nor becomes distorted during its use. Premium well-rounded PET jar, modern design of the label intent to make our products even more attractive for customers.


«We believe that our customers will promptly appreciate advantages of PET jar as compared to glass can. You should just compare lightness, reliability and usability to appreciate advantages of new packaging» - says Olga Pivikova, Chief Marketing Officer of Schedro Trade House.