31 2014

Schedro trademark – a leader and innovator of fat and oil market, keeps up with the times and following the emerging trends in the sphere of product developing and marketing, presented a renewed design of mayonnaise and sauce product in the second half year of 2014.



The new design of mayonnaise product line saves continuity, it conforms the ORGANIC trend of Schedro TM and attracts attention of consumers to the main product characteristics. The company was the first which concentrated on naturality of ingredients, and since 2008 it has been manufacturing mayonnaise from natural liquid yolks, instead of egg powder. The emblem beside the title says that there are natural yolks in the ingredients.



The new design of Schedro TM sauces is bright and innovative. The renewed design emphasizes the premiality of the product and attracts attention of the customers, who are looking for intensive taste sensations! Each taste has its own color, that makes it easier to look for a favorite taste on a shelf. Information emblems on the sauce label focuses on their uniqueness – natural ingredients and absence of gluten.


"Schedro trademark is the first Ukrainian manufacturers of sauce product who paid attention to demands of the customers, who are sensitive to such allergen as gluten (fibrin). Special laboratory investigations confirmed the absence of gluten in sauces of Schedro TM, that the world-wide known mark of a crossed wheat ear says about"Pivikova Olha, director of Marketing Department of Schedro TH, comments the uniqueness of the product.


The Green Crane Eco-Certificate  (placed on renewed packing of Schedro TM product) guarantees the ecological cleanliness and safety of product. The Company is the first from members of Ukrainian sauces market which underwent the procedure of voluntary ecological certification and got such popular today Green Crane Certificate as early as 2013. This certificate complies with the requirements of international ecological standard ISO 14024:1998 and it is accepted in 60 countries of the world.


Mayonnaises and sauces of Schedro TM in renewed design are now available!


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