21 2014
It is impossible to imagine culinary world without products of Schedro trade mark as well as a newtelevision season without MasterChef culinary show on STB TV channel. This is the second straight season of the show supported by Schedro TM.
This season of the main culinary television show of Ukraine will be more interesting and will be supported by Schedro TM. Schedro TM is among TOP-10 in the rating of the most popular brands published by Focus and takes a leading position according to Favorites of Success consumer survey in mayonnaise and margarine categories. In new season of MasterChef you will see unbelievable culinary competitions of charismatic participants, amateur chefs from across Ukraine. All participants are striving for victory wishing to get the main prize of the competition: the opportunity to study in famous French cooking school.
In this season participants will continue to surprise jury with their culinary abilities. They prepare their best dishes for project judges: a worldwide famous chef Héctor Jiménez-Bravo, restaurant-keepers Nikolai Tishchenko and Tatiana Litvinova.
Ukrainian television audience is missing emotions, warm-hearted moments and surprising culinary recipes. You will see all of these in the 4th season of MasterChef culinary show which is supported by Schedro TM.