19 2014

Schedro TM is expanding its organic product slate to let Ukrainian consumers choose more high-quality natural products for their families.


Schedro TM is on the list of the most popular Ukrainian trademarks due to innovation and focus on quality and naturalness in output. Organic history of the trademark started with the launch of the first in Ukraine organic mayonnaise Provancal ORGANIC. This year, the company continues to expand its product slate and presents an organic ketchup naturalness of which is confirmed by the European Certificate Eurolist.


New Tomato ORGANIC ketchup is certified in accordance with the European System of organic certification and in the process of its production every stage - from the purity of soil and natural fertilizer for tomatoes to all components of the finished ketchup - is under control. Thus, ketchup is made ​​of organic tomatoes grown without pesticides, growth-promoting hormones and other harmful substances. Organic production technology keeps all the nutrients of fresh tomatoes in the ketchup. Such ketchup contains constitutional antioxidant - lycopene. Schedro TM calls the attention of buyers that in Tomato ORGANIC ketchup there is no gluten, a widespread allergen. Organic ketchup by Schedro TM is presented in a new modern package which provides maximum convenience of use and storage.


"Despite the overall decline in purchasing power consumers prefer natural products when choosing foodstuff for their families. The successful launch of organic products in our line of mayonnaise confirms it. Therefore, Schedro TM as a leader and innovator of sauces market continues to invest in the market of organic products.


Communicating with a consumer we explain the uniqueness of organic products in order to make a consumer understand the rational reasoning of the cost of such products. We also draw attention to the fact that the new organic ketchup by Schedro TM is more affordable in comparison with foreign analogues"- Olga Pivikova says, Director of the Marketing Department of Schedro Trade House.