23 2014

Schedro TM, the leader of margarine products market, presents a product impossible to replace while baking for you child.


Homemade pastry is the most delicious and fragrant, and kids really love it! Schedro TM developed pastry margarine Baking for Your Child which is the first margarine produced especially for pastry made for kids.


This specialty is produced in accordance with international quality management standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and complies with National Standards of Ukraine. Pastry margarine for baking for kids does not contain cholesterin, conserving and flavouring agents, its formula is enriched with A, D, E vitamins which preserve their qualities in the process of baking.


Pastry margarine Baking for Your Child guarantees safe baking, perfect flavor and aroma. Don't miss the opportunity to please your dear people with delicious surprises! Post your impressions and photos in Schedro TM groups on Facebook and VK. The most active and positive ones will receive tasty presents from Schedro TM!