02 2014

On the first stage of the mutual ORGANIC-project Schedro trade mark and Oksana Skitalinskaia, the leading dieting-expert suggested Ukrainians how to get maximum benefit from the food. The participants learned more practical interesting information about nutrition in the course of on-line communication and 60 the most active participants got personal consultations. Right away you will see the main outcomes.


Food that gives pleasure and joy, benefits more, digests better and gives energy. For this purpose, Schedro trade mark for the first time ever in Ukraine launched production of the organic mayonnaise, and having gained support of the leading dieting-expert, launched the project that popularizes healthy organic nutrition. During the on-line communication on the official pages of Schedro trade mark in social trade marks, the participants got valuable advices from the expert.


“From the TV screens and pages of magazines they often frighten us that in order to lose weight we need to refuse from almost all the prizes of life and first of all from the tasty food. Such process of the weight loss not frequently turns to be a torture and gives only a sort-time result. Indeed, it is possible not only to lose weight but also stay slim for life if make exercises regularly, enrich the menu with various vegetables (both fresh and steamed ones) and certainly include dishes that are rich in protein: steamed lean meat (fish), dishes made of eggs (omelet), quark, mushrooms or beans into ration. Combination of the organic mayonnaise with vegetable salads is tasty and non-caloric as cellulose of vegetables absorbs part of fat and it is not digested. For more benefit and decrease of the calorific value, add juice of cranberry and citrus, flavoring herbs or zest – pepper, garlic, ginger to mayonnaise” - Oksana Skitalinskaia, the dieting-expert summarizes.


“Our health is a weighty argument in favor of the organic food, therefore to switch to “organics” is the best and the most advantageous investment”Oksana Skitalinskaia recommends. While widening the menu with organic products, remember that the first in Ukraine organic mayonnaise Provencale ORGANIC is totally natural – from main ingredients to substances that keep it fresh and keep its consistence. In order to preserve flavor and health properties, green tea extract – a strong natural antioxidant is one of the ingredients of mayonnaise. Organic products have special value for the organism – the mayonnaise Provencale ORGANIC combines taste and benefit.


In the mutual ORGANIC-project Schedro trade mark and Oksana Skitalinskaia, the dieting-expert tried to get out a messages and possibilities how to make the ration maximally useful, organic and certainly tasty! In August the second stage of the mutual project will be held and participants of the official pages in social networks will be the first who get to know the date when it is hold.