22 2014

Get an interesting practical information about nutrition in the new ORGANIC-project of Schedro TM in a course of the on-line communication with the dieting expert that starts on April 24th. Your nutrition – is a valuable source of energy, learn how to get the maximum use for you!


Smile, be energetic and beautiful! Tasty and healthy food that despite the use gives you joy and pleasure will help you in it. Organic products have a special value for the organism. Choosing foodstuffs, remember that the first Ukrainian organic mayonnaise “Provencale ORGANIC” emphasizes the taste of your dishes. Now you can enjoy the dish with the favorite french sauce without a thought that it is unhealthy as it is absolutely natural – from the basic ingredients to the substances that keep it fresh and keep its consistence.


Take part in the live dialogue with Oksana Skitalinskaia, the dieting-expert doctor and get to know practical advices about nutrition that will help you to get the maximum energy from the food. The food that is eaten with appetite digests better and cheers you up! The main topic of the first meeting that will take place on April 24 is: “How to change the lenten food to the routine food safely”. On Thursday we will find out all the advantages of organic products and of course will speak about the mayonnaise. “Mayonnaise can be tasty and useful if chose and eat it in a right way” - the dieting-expert announces.


On-line consultation will take place on Schedro TM pages in the social networks: www.vk.com/schedro and www.facebook.com/schedrotm. We wait all the questions about nutrition that interest you on the hot telephone number of Schedro TM: 0800 508 500 and on the official pages of the community in social networks with the mark “Question to the dieting expert”. See you later!



Oksana Skitalinskaia, the dieting-expert doctor, vice president of the Association of dieting – experts of Ukraine. In 1991 graduated from the medical faculty of Uzhhorod State University by a profession “Surgery”, worked as a general surgeon in the hospital of Kyiv city.

In 2010 she obtained the diploma by profession “Dietology” in the Kyiv Academy of the Postgraduate Education. She works as a dieting-expert doctor, is a founder of the healthy nutrition school “100 years”

She develops recommendations concerning nutrition for children and adolescents, sportsmen, pregnant women and nursing mothers. She is an expert of the leading television channels and programs of Ukraine.