11 2013

According to the rating published by Focus* magazine, Schedro TM is the most popular manufacturer of mayonnaises. It offers Ukrainian people to buy the most delicious mayonnaise for their traditional New Year dishes at promotional prices. Schedro TM gives its consumers 100 g of mayonnaise for free and, therefore, surely introduce itself as a New Year Olivier salad sponsor!


On the threshold of New Year holidays, from November 1 to December 31, 2013 Schedro TM carries out a “+25% for free” promotion campaign. Within this period you can buy popular trade mark's mayonnaises in a packet of 0.5 kg at a traditional price of 0.4 kg! Now using one packet of mayonnaise bought at promotional price you will be able to prepare 25% more of delicious New Year salads!


National “+25% for free” special offered by “Schedro” TM included the most popular mayonnaises among Ukrainian people: Provencale Premium, Provencale, Provencale Gold made of natural egg yolks, and a light For Salad mayonnaise made of choice grade oil. High quality, natural ingredients and wide use of Schedro TM products in culinary art – these are things which remain the same regardless of time!


Special offer products were delivered to retail outlets all over Ukraine, from marketplaces and small retail stores to salesrooms of large trade networks and centers.


Drop in on “+25% for free” national special of Schedro TM, a New Year Olivier salad sponsor!


You can read official rules of “+25% for free” special  here. 


We offer you to include dishes of  Schedro TM recepies collection to your New Year menu!