03 2013

Schedro trade mark is a sponsor of the television culinary talent – show MasterChef 3 that went on the air on STB television channel at the end of August 2013.


Schedro trade mark, one of the leaders of Ukrainian oil and fat market in segments of margaric production, mayonnaises, sauces and mustard, is a sponsor of the television culinary talent – show MasterChef 3. It is a popular reality show in Ukraine where 20 most decent  amateur chefs, selected for participation in the show, compete for the title of the best chief cook of Ukraine, 500 thousand UAH and an opportunity to study at prestige culinary academy in Paris.


Why“MasterChef 3:

  • It is not only an opportunity to declare about tasty and high-quality products. It is a kind of help to the participants of the show on the way to victory – creation of the fine cuisine;
  • It is a new page of the culinary history of Ukraine! Schedro trade mark also takes part in development of the gastronomic tastes of Ukrainians, being an innovator on the market of sauces and producing the biggest amount of novelties;
  • It is an interesting, various and starry project, the same as the taste of the Schedro TM products.


Participants of the MasterChef 3 show are ones of the first who tried novelties: mayonnaise Provencale ORGANIC, sauces Tabasco and Barbeque and also products that became already famous and favorite. Production received high scores and positive feedback of the show experts.


Schedro TM supported the participants during trials in the talent show and in ordinary life, sauces, ketchups and mayonnaises of this trade mark bring out flavor of the dishes turning them into the fine cuisine!