16 2013

From September 10, 2013 to September 13, 2012 the conference for the participants of Oil-Fat Mark of Ukraine was held. The organizer of the conference was the expert and chief of Ukrainian industrial margarines market with the part than of 50% who maximum supports his customers in the development of their business through the providing of information and technological support. On the rights of flagship of the market the Schedro company organized the practice conference with the customer acquisition, primary participants of Oil-Fat Mark and main specialists of food industry.


Participants of the conference could better hunt down questions of European integration in the sphere of trade activity due to Vice-president of Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Korotetskii Vasilii Pavlovich. The leading research worker of Institute of Hygieology and Medical Ecology named after O. M. Marzeev, Iatchenko Elena Aleksandrovna reported about modern foodstuff and food raw material safety requirements. Sidorenko Elena Vladimirovna, professor of Chair of Merchandising Technique and Inspection of Food Productions (Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics), informed about the development of system of independent inspections, quality rating, measure of consumer appeal, identification of goods.


Rybakov Maksim Hennadievich, Director of Department dealing with Industry of “Schedro” TM, considered market trends: “In the conditions of fierce competition of Oil-Fat Branch of Ukraine the priority remains for companies, which first of all focused on customers demands. The unique of “Schedro” Trade House is Innovation Center - structural subdivision, which makes possible to work with customers in the developmental stage of their products, creating ingredients which meet their requirements”.


Pavlenko Svetlana Ivanovna, Director of Production and Innovation Development Department of “Schedro”. “Schedro” Trade House looks to propose to the market not only high quality ingredients, but also new technologies contributed to products quality improvement and development of assortment of baking, confectionery and milk branch. On November of 2013 on the basis of Zaporozhe Oil-Fat Plant the first Innovation Center will be opened. It will be the experimental site for development, testing and adaptation of “Schedro” Trade House products under customers requirements. The center will be fit with the newest equipments of leading international manufacturer (Shredder, UNOX and others).”


Among the innovative novelties Schedro TH: the margarine for more fast-growing segments of cook-chill food - Sloika for yeasty and frozen laminated bakes; margarine for short bakes; margarine “uropean Sloika” for puff laminated bakes. Products guaranteed excellent functional and tastes qualities of finished products.


In the result of the conference holding, the participants made sure once more that Schedro Trade House - company that focused on customers requirements, which is ready to answer expectations of its customers and immediate react to them. The range of new projects have already made in confectionery industry and milk branch with company novelties. The widening of product line through innovative products and unique offer of technological support of customers – main trends of the market, which are proposed by Schedro Trade House.