01 2013

“Schedro” trade mark takes the 7-th place in annual national ranking “50 most popular brands in Ukraine”. In comparison with last year’s rating of Focus magazine the exponent increased by 5 items.

On October 1, 2013 Focus magazine published the list of 50 most popular brands of country, in which “Schedro” takes the 7-th place. The previous list of Ukrainian brands is made on the basis of investigation of MMI Ukraine (Marketing & Media Index Ukraine) conducted by “TNS in Ukraine” Company (Taylor Nelson Sofres Ukraine). The further arranging was conducted according to the volume of sales in money terms that made possible to identify the goods for which buyers voted spending their money to buy them. The popularity among the Ukrainians and volume of sales in the amount of 1,5 billion UAH provided trade mark with the presence in the list of top-10 of Ukrainian brands.


In the recent rating “Schedro” company did not only improve its rates by 5 items in comparison with 2012 but also had taken leadership attitude in its segment. In the company such result associated with the best product offering, the assortment of which is regularly replenished through unique novelties for the market. In this year “Schedro” TM for the first time in Ukrainian branch produced organic mayonnaise. This product is certificated by International Organization Sic Global LLP (Britain, London) and since May 20, 2013 is produced at Lvov Fat Plant (LFP).


Link to source: Focus magazine