30 2013

After successful launch of the first in Ukraine organic mayonnaise “Provencale ORGANIC”, “Schedro Trade House (TH)” Ltd launched production of the innovative trademarks among the native ones such as “Tabasco” and “Barbeque” and also a sweet ketchup “Tomik”. All novelties already came in the market.


Sauce “Barbeque” is a universal for meat grilled on fire or at home: steaks, strip steaks etcetera. This novelty has a strong flavor of the smoke of fire together with allspices and also has a pleasant sweetish taste. Sauce “Barbeque” of “Schedro” TM will be worthily appreciated by amateurs and professionals.


“Tabasko” is the spiciest sauce in the assortment of “Schedro” TM. It contains the essence of Tabasco pepper, that is worldwide famous by its spice and specific flavor. This innovative sauce of “Schedro” TM is used in variety of different spicy meat and fish dishes.


Ketchup “Tomik” of “Schedro” TM has a pleasant sweet taste with the delicate flavor of Cherry-tomatoes. It has a stiff constant consistence that is attained due to high concentration of high quality tomato paste in the final product.


Principal position of the company is the absence of synthetic colorings and flavor enhances in ketchup “Tomik”. In the recipe of this ketchup there are no any spices, traditional for ketchups that can give a feeling of burning or can cause allergic responses to children: red and black peppers, coriander, cloves, etcetera.


“Ukrainian consumers are not conservative any more while choosing sauces to their dishes” - Pivikova Olga, the Chief Marketing Officer of “Schedro” TM says. “Our novelties are created for those who are interested in innovative, specific and unusual tastes”.


“Schedro Trade House” Ltd in 2012 in comparison with 2011 increased the volume of production of the red sauces by 106 % and also increased its market share for more than twofold. According to the results of activity in the last year, “Schedro” TM is among three leaders in terms of ketchups sale volume in Ukraine.*

* - according to data of analytical company APK – inform