14 2010


"Schedro" TM stays true to its traditions and pleases its customers with high quality and natural products.
After conducting the researches and analysis of consumer preferences in the second half of 2010, "Schedro" TM announced new flavors of the most popular sauces in Ukraine.

"Tartar" sauce will enrich any meat or fish dish. By simply dipping a crunchy slice of bread into it, you will experience the exquisite taste of the sauce.

What Ukrainian family does not like to spice fragrant borsch with garlic!? "Schedro" TM, as a real Ukrainian brand, hasn't missed this fact. Another new product in "Schedro" family is "Homemade with garlic and herbs".

Certainly, how will the hostess do without some bright paprika flavor? "Paprika" sauce by "Schedro" TM is a delicate sweet taste with wonderful aroma of spices and slices of sweet pepper.

New sauces, such as "Satsebeli", "Mexican" and "Italian" will immerse you into the atmosphere of passionate Georgia, Mexico and Italy.

"Satsebeli" sauce will make any meat and poultry dishes unusually tasty due to a combination of walnut, red pepper and mint.

Due to chili and garlic, "Mexican" sauce is as hot as burning Mexican summer. With this sauce you'll feel the fiery atmosphere of Mexico!

Classic "Italian" sauce with tomatoes by "Schedro" TM is perfect for Italian national dishes - lasagna, pasta, chicken kebabs and pizza. Ukrainian dishes flavored with this sauce, will get the original flavor and rich aroma!

Along with the new sauces, buyers were offered another Ukrainian favorite product - mustard. More than three thousand years Ukrainians enjoy its pungent and searing taste. "Ukrainian" mustard by "Schedro" TM will be a welcome complement to your table; it will decorate your dishes and warm them. And "Homemade Pungent" mustard, the hottest condiment, is perfect for national meat dishes.