01 2013

“Schedro” TM continues Europe market developing: the company carried out the first delivery of trade mark’s production to Hungary in January 2013.


Today production of “Schedro” TM appears on domestic market as well as on the markets of Baltic countries, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia etc. In the beginning of January 2013 State Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hungary and other controlling authorities gave positive assessment to the organoleptic properties of “Schedro” TM production in the course of testing.


On the market of Hungary trade mark’s production is represented by 5SKU: mayonnaises “Provencale” and “Provencale Light”, ketchups “Delicate” and “Tomato” and mustard “Ukrainian with Horseradish”. Within the bounds of production promotion programme held in Western Europe “Schedro” TM logo has been registered in English.



“Hungary is one more country among our partners in European Union, - says Bogdan Shpilevoi, Deputy Foreign-Economic Activity Director of “Schedro” TH LLC. – At the same time, Hungary made the strictest requirements to our production. I’m sure that Hungarian will appreciate quality and taste of our products at true value. We are planning to widen European marketing outlet of “Schedro” TM.


The company developed packing in English for all categories of products in accordance with European standards as well as special boxes, “show-boxes”, to present trade mark’s products on the shells of large trade networks (Tesco, Auchan, METRO and BILLA).