20 2012

In the period from 1 November to 31 January 2013 TM "Schedro" launches a national campaign "+25% free" in which costumers have the opportunity to buy a popular brands mayonnaise packaged in 0.5 kg of the traditional price 0.4 kg. Promotional products can be found in retail outlets all over Ukraine - from markets and small retail shops to large retail supermarkets.

For many Ukrainian specialists of Fats and Oils Industry, as well as Sauces consumers, its not a secret that the mayonnaises from TM "Schedro" are one of the best sellers. Its, above all, popular mayonnaises: "Provencale Premium", "Provencale", "Provencale Gold" with natural egg yolks, and light "Salad" mayonnaise on selected oil. In addition, the entire line of mayonnaise "Schedro" is consistently high-quality product with natural ingredients and a wide culinary use. This is confirmed by numerous awards and production company has winning in comparative tests and research.