02 2012

In early October 2012 “Schedro” TM and one of the leading food companies in the country celebrate their 80th anniversary — Kharkov fat plant (KFP).


KFP was built in the period of rapid development of the industrial production of margarine in the USSR — early 30-ies of XX century. At this time the leaders of the government had planned to build 10 margarine plants in major cities, including Kharkov, Moscow, Gomel and other. It should be mentioned that Kharkov fat combine was the only plant that was built not by foreign, but by specially selected and trained young Soviet specialists. In 1936 KFP was one of the first food producer of mayonnaise, which gained popularity among the Soviet consumers.


During World War II the factory was destroyed and the equipment was removed to Germany. Right after the liberation of Kharkov, KFP had a rebirth: plant was reconfigured with the latest technology and its production capacity was also increased.


In peacetime the plant became one of the industry leaders. Constant modernization of equipment was held at the plant and high-quality experts were also selected there. As acknowledged by the plant staff, KFP products were ordered by representatives of the various ministries of the USSR for their canteens, appointments and banquets.




Today KFP is a modernized manufacture that produces high-quality sauces and margarine under “Schedro” TM: mayonnaise based on natural egg yolks, ketchup with ground spices, red and white sauce with pieces of natural vegetables, mustard from selected mustard seeds, consumer and industrial margarines from high quality vegetable oil, confectionery and cooking fats. Among Ukrainian manufacturers, Kharkov fat plant was the first to adopt the production of new sorts of mayonnaise with bright tastes — “Mushroom” and “Cheesy”.


In 2012 KFP launched the production of new sauces, ketchup and mustard under “Schedro” TM. Among the new products, there are not only world’s popular tastes, but some innovative tastes like “Barbecue” ketchup with ground spices and a smoky flavor, as well as the red sauce “Fiery Salsa” with pieces of red hot pepper and onion.


“For ‘Schedro’ Trade House” it is a great luck and honor to be a partner of the legendary Kharkov fat plant,”— says the Director of TH “Schedro”  Ltd. Kopernak Vitaly Anatolievich. “In addition, we appreciate reliable and productive collaboration with KFP: products are always of a good quality and taste, the staff is qualified and competent, the traditions of production are stable, and the general approach to the partnership management is high. On behalf of the staff of the company TH “Schedro” I congratulate all the staff and management of KFP on such a great and significant event — the 80th anniversary!”