17 2012

For the Day of Recruiter a specialized recruitment site headhunter.com.ua interviewed the Director of the Department of Personnel Management of the TH “Schedro” — Lyudmila Rudneva.


In your opinion, what is a modern recruitment in a large company?



In my view, recruitment has several aspects:

in terms of business performance  it is the attraction of high quality professionals to the company to rapidly achieve the goals of the company;

from the point of view of the recruiter himself  it is an opportunity to expand the horizons of their own development, while communicating and engaging new people to the company and, of course, it is a possibility to change people’s lives (I mean career);

recruitment always opens new possibilities for candidates.






How did you start working as HR and what area first helped you to upgrade your skills?


Since childhood, I was and still am a leader. Even then I realized that my work was the leading position in “Person-Person” sphere. HR is a position of a diplomat who must always remember: first of all he represents the interests of the employer, while doing everything possible to attract, retain and develop people.

Actually, any HR-Manager is a p a r l i a m e n t a r y, who must understand the business, be responsible and be able to convince, justify and influence.

My first experience was connected with the human resources department, where I was involved in HR outsourcing and where I showed my organizing abilities. I developed the first procedures and regulations. Then I worked in a large corporation, and was engaged in organizational development and management. But after 4 years of work it wasn't enough for me. I wanted to expand my functions and deal with a full range of problems: the construction of organizational development, systems implementation, monitoring their performance and, of course, attracting highly qualified professionals to the company. So I became the director of the Department of Personnel Management of the national level company.



How did you build a team of recruiters in TH “Schedro”?


I have a few requirements for candidates for the position: the ability to think broadly, to be creative, to be a good speaker. People who love other people and want to be useful to them can work in the recruitment. It can be comparable to the marketing services.

The result is important. I'm not interested in the answer to the question why there are no people, I'm interested in what has been done to find suitable candidates. The recruiter of my team always tries to find the man not only formally, according to the recruitment application. He or she is always looking for a person that can go well with a leader. We have to consider, understand and sometimes anticipate certain requirements that none of the leaders formally lists them, but they are always there.



The lack of which specialists you experience most? What profession would you recommend to choose for the applicants?


Today's acute problem  is a lack of managers in various fields, especially in sales and production. In my opinion, the market requires a flow of particular specialists: technologists, engineers, both experienced and beginners.

When it comes to sales specialists, there is a need for them in any trading company.

Today it is very dynamic time — the candidates should be proactive. If you want to build a career, you need to start it as early as possible, preferably in the last year of university, to have a clear understanding of who you are and who you want to be. I would recommend starting to work for some large and well-known company, because often — it’s a good school and a special environment. It is very important at the beginning to meet with the leader who will become an unrivaled authority, who can give a lot to learn, and who sees his role especially in the development of the team.

Success factors are personal competencies (initiative, responsibility, teamwork, willingness to learn). Simply put, an employer is interested in self-motivated candidates with sparkling eyes. 



What would you wish your colleagues on the eve of the professional holiday of HR managers?


Dear colleagues, I wish you to be always demanded, involved in interesting projects, to attract the best people and to create great process. We are proud to note that, despite the platitude of the phrase “business is made by people”, the main question of any business is: first WHO, then WHAT. 


The full interview can be found at hh.ua