30 2012

Once again “Schedro” TM proved that it can be innovative company and an expert of taste among Ukrainian brands. In May the company expanded its product range by launching innovative and popular tastes in several product categories at once: ketchup, red and white sauces, and mustard.


“Barbecue” ketchup is innovative taste among Ukrainian ketchups! New product of the brand is designed especially for the picnic season. “Barbecue” ketchup recipe is developed in such a way that its distinctive taste and smoky flavor is a great supplement to barbeque meat.



Traditional Mexican red  sauce “Fiery Salsa” is another unique flavor, made by experts of the company for Ukrainian consumers. Pungency and bright flavor of this red sauce is provided by natural ground spices, as well as by onions, garlic, paprika, chili, coriander, cumin and parsley.


Following the current trend of the sauces market, “Schedro” TM launched the increasingly popular form of ketchup with a high concentration of tomatoes — “Supertomato”. It is multipurpose and suitable for most everyday homemade dishes. “Supertomato” comes in a convenient format — flexible doy-pack package of 300 and 450 grams.


The traditional Caucasian  “Homemade Ajika” sauce is the second hot new product by “Schedro” TM. Its recipe was developed specially for the use in various rich meat dishes: fried or baked in an oven, cooked over an open fire or grill.


All ketchups and red sauces by “Schedro” TM contain ground spices. New tastes are no exception: “Barbecue”, “Supertomato”, “Fiery Salsa” and “Homemade Ajika”.

“Mushroom” white sauce is another delicious proof that company focuses on natural ingredients and products. “Mushroom” by “Schedro” TM has slices of mushrooms and onions, which give the sauce a bright, fresh and appetizing flavor.


Another new product  from “Schedro”™ is “French” mustard, made of large selected black mustard seeds. It has a great texture, spicy flavor and a light pungency. “French” mustard can be used with a variety of ready-made dishes, for roasting meat, and as an ingredient for salad dressings. This condiment has recently begun to gain popularity in our country. You can often find French mustard exactly on holiday feasts of Ukrainians.



“A decision to launch new flavors and extend our product range is connected with the implementation of the strategic plans of the company. Each product is a team work of professional experts. The decision to make these innovative and popular flavors is based on research of consumer tastes, and the culture of sauces consumption among Ukrainians. Indeed, today there are more and more of our fellow citizens who add to their diet red and white sauces, which give dishes a perfect taste”, — sais Marketing Director of “Schedro” TM Olga Pivikova.


Meet new flavors of “Schedro” TM in the stores of the country!


More about the products of “Schedro” TM can be found in the “Product Catalogue” at  schedro.ua website.