25 2012

Ketchups “Tomato” and “For kebab” from “Schedro” TM received “EXCELLENT” grade according to the research results carried out by Centre for Independent Expertise “TEST”. Testing of these particular types of ketchup was carried out right before the picnic season, when its consumption traditionally increases.


   Laboratory research took into account the taste, smell, texture, form, product label and packaging, as well as presence and amount of preservatives. The retail price of ketchup for Ukrainian customers was  considered. The price is also important for defining the best product according to the “price-quality” ratio.


An important point is that the test samples were bought in the usual chain stores in Kiev and were not provided directly by the manufacturer.


The team of “Schedro” TM is really happy with the fact that our customers constantly buy tasty and high-quality products! For company’s employees this is the best incentive for further development of the brand and launching new exciting flavors.


Research results for “Tomato” and “For kebab” ketchups from “Schedro” TM (CIE “TEST”):