25 2011

On November 24th the results of the Ukrainian rating contest “Brand of the Year” were summarized. “Schedro” TM received high marks from Ukrainian consumers and the title of “Brand of 2011” in “Flawless Quality” nomination in ketchup and red sauces category! 


“Brand of the Year” is a prestigious annual rating contest; it is supported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and is recognized by 19 economic structures of different countries. The identification of consumers’ favorites among Ukrainian brands is carried out by means of a special research among buyers from cities and towns all over Ukraine.

To participate in the “Brand of the Year”  competition from “Schedro” TM the following products were announced: ketchups “For kebab”, “Tomato”, “Delicate”, “Chili” and red sauces “Italian”, “Satsebeli”, “Krasnodar” and “Mexican”.




The decision to take part in the rating contest is not a coincidence. This year the products have been undergone a series of positive changes: the product line got a new package design and ketchups got a new content. Now they contain ground spices, which were ground right before making ketchup. This allows us to achieve original flavor and taste of the sauce  that’s why ketchup has its own mixture of spices.


Red sauces from “Schedro” TM represent four tastes of four different countries: Italy, Mexico, Georgia and Russia. Consumers should know that it is a real taste of the sauce. “Schedro” TM uses original recipes and spices for production of the world’s famous and most popular sauces: “Italian”, “Satsebeli”, “Krasnodar” (classic recipe with 15% of apple puree) and “Mexican”. 


Innovation of the year from the taste expert — all “Schedro” TM ketchups contain vegetable fiber, which not only improves the consistency of the product, but is also very useful for health.

These steps, as believed in the company, cannot go unnoticed by consumers and market experts, and the “Brand of 2011” title is an additional proof.




We remind that at the end of October ketchups from “Schedro” TM won gold in “World Food Ukraine — 2011” contest. 

The team of “Schedro” TM is really happy with the award and the positive feedbacks of Ukrainian customers! We will continue to make delicious and high-quality products to please you with new flavors, promotions, and gifts.


Savor Schedro!