03 2011

“Schedro” TM was ranked 9th in the annual national rating of the “Fifty most popular brands of Ukraine”, compiled by the magazine “Focus”. This rating  includes only brands created by Ukrainian companies-producers, as well as trademarks, created or purchased by foreign companies specially for Ukraine.



The rating took into account:

  • survey results of 10 thousand consumers aged 16 to 50, who live in different parts of the country;
  • an assessment results of major brands and  sub-brands;
  • assessment of sales based on open financial reports and information provided directly by the manufacturer;
  • a research made by “International Marketing Group” (expert evaluation of sales based on market shares and brand shares in companies' portfolios).


Below are the top ten favorite brands of Ukraine:


1. Nasha Ryaba
Sales: 4,235 bln. UAH
Year of the launch: 2001
Company: “Mironovskiy Khleboprodukt”
Event of the year: MKHP first began to package their products in a hermetic stretch film (SES package). The package was unique for Ukraine.

2. Roshen
Sales: 3,8 bln. UAH
Year of the launch: 2000
Company: “Roshen” confectionary corporation
Event of the year: For the first time in the history of Roshen corporation, its sales volume for the last year exceeded $1 billion.

3. Prima
Sales: 3,021 bln. UAH
Year of the launch: 1947
Company: “Imperial Tobacco Ukraine”
Event of the year: Launching a unique offer for Ukraine - “Prima 83”. These are unfiltered king size cigarettes; cigarettes “Prima Lux Superslims” hit the stores.

4. Chernigivske
Sales: 2,47 bln. UAH
Year of the launch: 1988
Company: “SUN InBev Ukraine” corporation
Event of the year: “Pub Lager” was introduced into a product line of “Chernigivske” TM. It has classic and caramel malt connected in a special proportion. The trademark “Chernigivske” was renewed.

5. Konti
Sales: 1,6 bln. UAH
Year of the launch: 1997
Company: “Konti” Group
Event of the year: The trademark updated its image: the new logo retained its usual style, but on focus was the fact that sweets are not just food, but also pleasant moments of life and positive emotions.

6. Nemiroff
Sales: 1,465 bln. UAH
Year of the launch: 1994
Company: “Nemiroff Holding”
Event of the year: The launch of a new white vodka — Nemiroff Distinct 
— the first premium vodka in Ukraine that is marked as ecologically clean.

7. Obolon
Sales: 1,435 bln. UAH
Year of the launch: 1992
Company: “Obolon” corporation
Event of the year: Renewed “Obolon Light” was introduced into supermarkets. Its storage life became three times shorter – up to 60 days. Label design was changed; “Obolon Premium” was also redesigned.

8. Khortytsa
Sales: 1,361 bln. UAH
Year of the launch: 2003
Company: “Khortytsa” holding (Global Spirits)
Event of the year: The launch  of “Khortytsa Absolute” — world’s first vodka that is produced on a basis of structured water.

9. Schedro
Sales: 1,269 bln. UAH
Year of the launch: 2005
Company: “Agrocosm”
Event of the year: The entire product line of “Schedro” TM got new logo design and its package was redesign. Mustard and sauces by “Schedro” TM hit the stores.

10. Sadochok
Sales: 1,242 bln. UAH
Year of the launch: 2002
Company: “Sandora”, PepsiCo Group
Event of the year: The launch of tomato juice in limited quantity; juice is made by direct extraction. For this occasion a new package design was created.




It is interesting that “Schedro” TM took part in this rating for the first time and immediately found itself among the top ten national brands!


To know more about the "Fifty most popular brands of Ukraine" rating and the research methods please visit focus.ua website or read in “Focus” magazine issued September 30.


Congratulations to the leaders and staff of “Agrocosm” company on these high results!