06 2011

On September 1st, 2011 the last winner of month of the national Internet contest “Best Salad Recipe” by “Schedro” TM was found. It is Tatiana Kapelyushna from Kiev, who published her recipe of a vegetable salad with mustard-honey dressing.

And on September 4th at the Autumn fair in the national open air museum in Pirogovo the festive concert was held . It was dedicated to the final nationwide Internet-contest “Best Salad Recipe”. Also, on the same day the concert organizers - “Schedro” TM, planned to set the new national record — making of 300 kg portion of salad.



“Schedro” TM stage, where the final concert was held


The concert was really interesting and rich: a live performance of the drummer band Art Groove Studio; dance performances “Can-Can” and “Charleston” by “Riolett” show ballet; performance of the singer Marietta – a participant of  Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The finalist of the “X-Factor” project — Maria Rak, who performed the best songs of the show, closed the show. Numerous competitions, interesting quizzes, tasty gifts from “Schedro” TM became constant “fellow travelers” of the concert. There was also a surprise for the audience — the lottery for all visitors to the fair, as well as a photo session with the celebrity jury of the contest.




Svetlana Leontieva and Vladimir Goryansky with the winners of the week and month of the “Best Salad Recipe” contest


The winners of the week and month were invited to the final concert, since all of them were direct contenders for the grand prize — a trip to Paris for a master class in the world famous cooking school Le Cordon Bleu. All potential winners were invited to the stage, where the celebrity jury: Vladimir Goryansky, Svetlana Leontieva and Natalia Anikina presented them some tasty gifts from “Schedro” TM.

But, of course, everybody's attention was paid to two main events of the evening: the announcement of the winner of the “Best Salad Recipe” contest, who will travel to Paris, and the making of a record 300 kilogram portion of salad “Olivie” and its registration in the Book of Records of Ukraine.

Accordong to the results of users' voting at www.schedro.ua and jury of the national Internet contest "Best Salad Recipe", Tatiana Kapelyushna from Kievthe became a big winner, she published her recipe of the vegetable salad with mustard-honey dressing based on the “Ukrainian” mustard from “Schedro” TM. Tatiana was awarded a certificate for master class in the world famous cooking school Le Cordon Bleu (France).

“I've already been to Paris once, but this time I'm going to devote myself to culinary there /laughing/. I want to thank everybody who has voted for my recipe, as well as “Schedro” TM for organizing such a good and tasty contest”, — Tatyana Kapelyushna, the winner, shared with us her first impressions.



After presenting the certificate Tatyana was almost surrounded by the journalists.

Tatiana Kapelyushna, by the way, is also a journalist by education.


The program of the concert continued with setting a new record of Ukraine — the making of a record 300 kilogram portion of salad “Olivie”. On stage, one by one, were brought salad bowls with chopped ingredients, which were put into a large main bowl and placed on special electronic scales. On stage, there was a representative of the Book of Records of Ukraine, who fixed a new national record.



This is only a small part of the ingredients for the record salad


When all the ingredients were put into the main bowl, it was time to add mayonnaise “Provençale Premium” from “Schedro” TM, which is based on natural yolks. Ukraine's the largest salad was stirred by joint efforts of the jury and the team of “Schedro” TM.



Record salad “Olivie” is being dressed with mayonnaise “Provençale Premium” from “Schedro” TM


When it was done, it turned out that the planned record was “exceeded” by 40 kilograms, that is, the full weight of the record salad was 340 kilograms. Our colleague Dmitry Veliky, Director of Sales of “Schedro” TM, received a diploma on a fixed record from the hands of the representative of the Book of Records of Ukraine. The entire salad was given to charitable cafeterias of Kiev.



The representative of the Book of Records of Ukraine is reading the text of diploma on the record from “Schedro” TM




Dmitry Veliky, Director of Sales of “Schedro” TM,

received a diploma from the Book of Records of Ukraine


Gala concert, dedicated to the finals of the “Best Salad Recipe” national contest and making the record portion of salad, was concluded by the finalist of the “X-Factor” project — Maria Rak. But after her performance the audience didn't go away from the scene for a long time: they watched the salad being sent to the charity cafeterias, took pictures with the jury members, talked to them and shared their impressions.

“Schedro” TM thanks all the participants of the “Best Salad Recipe” contest for their participation and wonderful recipes! Congratulations to the big winner of the contest — Tatiana Kapelyushna. We wish her a lot of new culinary victories and more other ones. In the near future, we plan to continue the tradition of national contests for those who like to indulge themselves and their families in culinary masterpieces.

Savor Schedro!



Many viewers won in a lottery on that day and received gifts from “Schedro” TM 



The moments of photo session with a celebrity jury



Faces of the jury members are tense — not every day you witness and participate in the national record



The audience is holding its breath and watching how the record is set


You can see the full photo report from the finals of the national online contest “Best Salad Recipe” in the group albums of “Schedro” TM in social networks — VKontakte and Facebook