26 2016

Within eight months of the current year production of ketchup has risen by 1% compared to the last year.


Ketchup remains one of the favorite sauces in our country and abroad. This sauce has more than 130-year tradition. Ukrainians have known this product not for a long time, but it has caught them fancy at once.


The oldest surviving ketchup recipes did not include tomatoes. People started to add tomatoes later. Nowadays ketchup for us is first of all a tomato sauce. Traditional tomato taste and spices distinguish ketchup from other sauces.


Ukrainian ketchup market is evaluated as attractive and highly competitive. At the same time mostly domestic producers compete for customers. Market is consolidated so that small and uncompetitive businesses are pushed out.


This year (from January to August) ketchup producers managed to break a tendency of production decline existing for the last three years. Thus, 49 thousand tons were produced within eight month of 2016 compared to 48.6 thousand tons produced during the same period last year. Despite the fact that the increase is less than 1% or 0.4 thousand tons it gives a hope that by the end of the year manufacturers will be able to maintain the achieved result.



For the next several years the main tendencies in the development of this market segment in Ukraine and worldwide will be determined by consumer’s orientation towards healthy food and desire to eat organic products. Therefore, in order to get the desired result producers should give serious thought to the technologies being used, range of products being offered and their quality. SchedroTM is constantly improving attractiveness and competitiveness of its products by offering unique products. The first in Ukraine line of ketchups with organic spices is a good example thereof.


UkrAgroConsult specially for Schedro