30 2016


Companies of the Ukrainian fat-and-oil industry have produced over 108 thousand tons of margarine within eight months of 2016.


In August 2016 large and medium-sized enterprises of Ukraine produced 11.5 thousand tons of margarine. Volume of margarine produced in August this year is 11.6 thousand tons, which is almost equal to previous year.


Analysis of monthly indicators of the last eight month clearly reflects seasonality of the product output. Traditionally, margarine is produced in greater quantity in February and March, as well as in July.


In general from the beginning of the year (January - August) more than 108 thousand tons of margarine were produced by enterprises of the fat-and-oil industry. Taking into account that the most favorable period for producers is yet to come, production indicators in September-December are the highest and we expect enterprises of the fat-and-oil industry to produce not less than 190 thousand tons of margarine within 12 months.


UkrAgroConsult specially for Schedro T.