16 2016

Mayonnaise remains an important nutritional component for most Ukrainians. While some customers like spicy and savory food dressings such as ketchup, mustard, horseradish, others (the majority) prefer a classic mayonnaise.


Mayonnaise market is considered to be flexible and mobile. Demand for mayonnaise products in our country is seasonal. According to market operators’ data mayonnaise sales traditionally increase just before holidays. Furthermore, high fat products are better sold in autumn/winter period, while low-fat – in spring/summer. Due to competition in the mayonnaise market larger and more productive national brands substitute low-quality products and small producers.


Fat-and-oil industry enterprises have produced 9.7 thousand tons of mayonnaise in July of the current year. July has become more effective not only compared to the previous month, but slightly exceeded the figures of the corresponding period of the last year. Thus, 8.3 thousand tons were produced a month earlier and 9.6 thousand tons were produced in July last year.



Mayonnaise production tendency of a current year is almost the same as in previous year, which reflects seasonality in industry. Within the period from January to July the most productive months are March and April. The only exception is July this year with decrease in mayonnaise production by 3 thousand tons compared to previous year. In general Ukrainian fat-and-oil industry has produced 69 thousand tons of mayonnaise within 7 months of 2016.


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