07 2016

SchedroTM won Range Leader award at the VI International Conference Black Sea Oil Trade-2016 held on 07 September in Kyiv.

Experts of the Conference mentioned the high quality standards and innovative approach to the recipes creation and a wide range of products of our company. Black Sea Oil Trade-2016 is one of the biggest industry conferences in Ukraine. Over 200 delegates from 24 countries have participated in the Conference this year. Among participants - companies that are engaged in the production and processing of oil crops, enterprise for advanced processing of vegetable oils, traders, investment, consulting, logistics companies and banks.

On Black Sea Oil Trade-2016 of this year were discussed new possibilities of Ukrainian oil and fat complex, market trends, price points in new season and the strategy of the black sea countries for margin increase. Experience in production of products of advanced processing of soybean and lecithin market trends was highlighted during the conference.

A day before on 06 September, Anna Druzhchenko, Manager of Development Department explained in the frameworks of industry seminar Technologies of Advanced Processing of Oil Crops. Lecithin how SchedroTM utilizes lecithin in margarine production. In her speech Anna Kostiantynivna mentioned standards and requirements with regard to the quality of lecithin and shared the results of test conducted by the Center for Technological Support and Innovations of SchedroTM. Technologists of our company carried out a comparative analysis of soybean and sunflower lecithin. In the estimation of experts of Schedro TM, both products have similar composition of fatty acids, but sunflower lecithin contains more useful nutritious unsaturated fatty acids than soybean.

This seminar is a good opportunity for our company to share experience, present test results and discuss new industry trends with colleagues. Today the issue of quality of lecithin is quite relevant for the majority of Ukrainian manufacturers of confectionery and oil and fat products. We appreciate that organizers of Black Sea Oil Trade-2016 paid attention to this issue and created such platform for discussions between manufactures and consumers of lecithin summarized Anna Druzhchenko, Manager of Development Department at Schedro TM.