30 2016

Schedro TM will support the sixth season of a popular culinary TV-show of Ukraine.


«As the market leader, we are constantly looking for the most effective channels of communication with the consumer. According to the results of survey the sponsorship activity in MasterChef has increased the popularity of Schedro TM products among the target audience. Therefore, we decided to support the main culinary show of the country for the fourth time. This project shows that every Ukrainian can become a master chef and learn the high cuisine standards. As the industry innovator we are very impressed with the creative approach to the project format. Strict judges of the project manage to find participants who become favorites of the whole country in four months and the producers manage to find a “gimmick” that makes Ukrainians rush to their TV screens every Sunday» – emphasized Olga Pivikova, Marketing Director at Schedro TM LLC.


By the way, the producers of the show promise a lot of innovations in the sixth season. Firstly, the composition of judges is changed. Mykola Tyschenko will be substituted by Serhii Kalinin known from programs «Everything Will Be Good» and «Everything Will Be Tasty». Secondarily, MasterChef will be live twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thirdly, the organizers have announced a completely new approach to the concept of «MasterShef». The show will become more interesting from the point of view of relations between the participants. Moreover, the project team has promised a lot of surprises and unexpected challenges including the biggest contest in the history of MasterShef. There will be a special contest from Schedro TM with sauces in the key role. Master-class in the school of Hector Jimenez-Bravo, a judge of the project will become an exclusive reward for the winner from Schedro TM.


Don't miss it! Watch new series of MasterShef-6 every Tuesday and Wednesday at 20:00 on STB.