04 2016

The margarine market of Ukraine is represented by different products. 


Despite the fact that the demand for the product has a pronounced seasonal nature, the development of civilized trade forms (supermarkets and hypermarkets) allows provision of convenient storage conditions in sales location during the whole year. The index of margarine production in the first half of 2016 ranges from 11.4 thousand tons to 15.8 thousand tons. The average index is 13.5 thousand tons per month.

In general, within the last six month of this year enterprises of oil and fat industry have produced over 81 thousand tons of margarine. Based on the production geography it is possible to distinguish the leading regions. For example, share of margarine produced by enterprises of Zaporizhzhiia Region has risen from 39% to 52% of total production (+2.9 thousand tons) within a year. Contribution of Lviv Region to the index of oil and fat industry has grown from insignificant 0.4% to almost 15% (+11.7 thousand tons). Enterprises of SchedroTM are located in these regions. Moreover, Vinnytsia Region (23% or 19 thousand tons) and the Kyiv city (6% or 4.6 thousand tons) hold an unchanged market segment.

Manufacturers trying to win the consumer produce new products with well-balanced formula of fatty acids and enriched with fat-soluble vitamins.


Certain consumers still have this negative perception of margarine that is a survival of past times. Active promotion of healthy nutrition highlights such benefits of margarine as low cholesterol, low-fat and relatively low price. Hopefully, this product will be in higher demand with consumers in the future.

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