03 àâãóñò 2016

Two new products were added to sauce line of SchedroTM: universal sauces «Khersonskyi» and «Krasnodarskyi».


Both sauces are made of crushed tomatoes following the classic recipe. The taste of tomatoes in the sauce «Khersonskyi» is harmonized with sweet pepper and spices, and tomatoes in the sauce «Krasnodarskyi» are complemented by subtle hints of apples due to apple puree added to the ingredients. To make the formula healthier and better for you our technologists added some natural sweetener - stevia extract.


The sauces are perfect for cooking fish and meat, stuffed peppers, cabbage rolls, Lecho, preservation of vegetable salads and, of course, for borsch.


«While expanding our product range we first of all focus on consumer preferences and food trends. Today it is trendy to cook food at home. Many Ukrainians prefer food known from childhood, such as meatballs and fish in tomato sauce to restaurant novelties. Our sauces «Khersonskyi» and «Krasodarskay» will be a perfect ingredient of such meal», - mentioned Olga Pivikova, Marketing Director at SchedroTM.