13 2016

Schedro TM, leader of Ukrainian oil and fat market is launching a YouTube cooking channel to share delicious, quick and easy recipes.


Users may watch two-minute step-by-step video guides for popular baking, find unique ideas for meat and salads, try actual season recipes, as well as culinary discoveries for moms and many other useful advices.


«Food cooked at home tastes much better than at restaurants and I am committed to this principle. Delicious and healthy meal cooked for you exclusively by a loved one in high spirits is the most valuable for your body. Such positive emotions are important for housewives and the whole family. Many Ukrainian housewives want to please their families with variety of interesting culinary experiments spending less time and money. A survey of our consumers showed that Ukrainians often search for culinary ideas in the Internet. As a market leader, we provide our consumers with high-quality and delicious products, and appetizing ideas on how to use them. Therefore, we came up with the idea to launch a YouTube channel of Schedro TM where everyone may find quick and delicious meal solutions. Right now on the channel there are simple recipes of modern European baking – cheesecake, tart, muffins. Specially for kebab season we prepared ideas for marinade and meat roasting on the grill, moreover, lovers of preserved foods will find original recipe of cucumber preserved with ketchup «Chili», - said Olga Pivikova, Marketing Director at Schedro TM.


You can find recipes from Schedro TM at https://www.youtube.com/schedr0. New culinary ideas will be posted every Monday.


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