29 2016

Nowadays you can barely find a Ukrainian who can do without mayonnaise. This product has a well-deserved reputation of one of the wonders of the world cuisine. Statistically, an average Ukrainian consumes 2,5 kg of mayonnaise per annum.


Ukrainian Mayonnaise market had several stages of development. During the first stage (2003-2007) consumer market underwent saturation and explosive growth: mayonnaise production increased by almost 50 percent. In 2007 Ukrainian companies produced record high 183000 tons of mayonnaise as compared to 120000 tons in 2003.


Overall domestic market saturation in 2007 slightly dropped to 160000 tons of mayonnaise in 2009 followed by stabilization. This stage continued till 2012 with mayonnaise production varying from 160000 tons to 165000 tons.


The third stage (2013-2015) was marked by contraction of market. Ukrainian mayonnaise market has been decreasing several years in a row. In 2015 only 126 000 tons of mayonnaise were produced.


At the same time positive dynamics is observed in mayonnaise market. Within 5 months (January-May) of 2016 Ukraine produced over 51000 tons of mayonnaise against 49 000 tons for the same period in 2015. Increase in production made up about 5 percent. In April 2016 total production of mayonnaise was 11800 tons compared to 11300 tons in March 2016 and 11700 tons in April 2015.
UkrAgroConsult predicts that in 2016 Ukrainian companies will increase mayonnaise production up to 135000 tons (by 7 percent) and this might supposedly lead to a new stage of market development – recovery.