12 ìàé 2016

SchedroTM products continue to conquer supermarket shelves. Our brand new mayonnaise «Home for Children» and ketchup «Tomato for Children» appeared in ATB stores just before May holidays.


«We have been successfully working with ATB Corporation for several years, in particular on bringing new products to market.


«Among all retail trade networks ATB is the largest in Ukraine with more than 700 stores. By means of cooperation with this network we significantly increase sales of kids’ products», – said Maksym Rybakov, Chief of Sales Department at SchedroTM.


Apart from ATB mayonnaise «Home for Children» and ketchup «Tomato for Children» are available in supermarkets Varus, Billa, Velyka Kyshenia, Karavan, Furshet, MegaMarket, Rukavychka, Fresh, Rost and Klass.


It should be reminded that products for kids have no additives, food colorings, stabilizers and other chemical components. In addition, ketchup «Tomato for Children» does not contain common allergen gluten that can be confirmed by the outcomes of research conducted by Ukrmetrteststandard Public Enterprise. Independent Consumer Testing Center TEST gave an ‘excellent’ mark to mayonnaise «Home for Children». The experts confirmed that all ingredients listed on the package, such as sunflower oil, water, sugar, apple vinegar, fermented liquid egg yolk, salt, and mustard oil fully correspond to the actual composition.


New products can be perfectly combined with steam chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, porridges, different casseroles and first spring vegetables. Mothers no longer need to rack their brains on how to make healthy food tasty!