20 2011
This time, the winner of the week has shared the famous salad recipe with visitors of www.schedro.ua. The salad is well known and called "Shuba" but it contains tasty salmon fish instead of herring. We think it was the fish that appealed to the visitors of the site who voted. Winner's name is Tatiana Zhaden.

"Schedro" is a word that springs to mind when you look at Tatiana's photo.

Congratulations to Tatiana on her victory!

We remind that each contest recipe must contain at least one product of "Schedro" TM: mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard or sauce. Intermediate results of the contest showed that the most popular salad ingredient is mayonnaise especially Schedro "Salad", "Provençale" and "Provençale Gold".


Authors of the best salad recipes of the week receive brand T-shirts from "Schedro" TM. At the end of the month voting results will identify the winner of the month, who will receive an original recipe notebook and a cutting board from "Schedro" TM.

Best of luck to all participants! Keep publishing your wonderful recipes and remember to treat your friends and acquaintances with a delicious salad so they definitely vote for you