Soon after the establishment of Schedro LLC people began to talk about it as a dynamic distribution company. At the beginning of its activity close partnership with Zaporozhye oil and fat plant, a large industrial company with a rich history, was established. At that time, the plant just launched a new product in the Ukrainian market — soft margarine under “Olly” TM. It contains vegetable oils and fats of high quality, milk, pure water, and other natural ingredients. Also, a new series of light margarines under “Zaporzky” TM were launched after a while. A new product which is available in two versions — 40% and 75% fat, receives approval from the consumers.


Due to the effective sales policy and successful promotion of goods, Schedro LLC is expanding distribution network in the external market. In Ukraine Schedro LLC  is represented by 26 branches in all administrative centers and some major cities.


In response to consumer demand, the production output increases. Production under “Schedro” TM has been started at Kharkov and Lvov fat plants.


In 2009, Zaporozhye oil and fat plant was equipped with “Danhill” packaging line. Due to this fact packaged margarine in a new format has appeared in the market. The main thing is that it was made according to a unique and special recipe.  This is “Creamy Luxe” margarine from “Schedro” TM.


Same year, despite the general decline because of the global crisis, the company continues to develop unique technologies. The mayonnaise with natural fermented yolk was launched. Under this technology the production of mayonnaise with richer flavor starts: “Provençale Premium”, “Provençale”, “Provençale Gold” and “Lvov Premium”, which gives “Schedro” TM a competitive advantage.


The second half of 2009 was marked by the launch of ketchups under “Schedro” TM. Several articles appeared at once: ketchups with ground spices “For kebab”, “Chili”, “Tomato”, “Mild”, and the legendary red sauce “Krasnodar”. Products received the highest rating of customers and as result gained more than 2 percent of the market share within a year of the products’ existence.


The first half of 2010 — assortment of “Schedro” TM expanded again. The most popular sauces among consumers were launched: “Tartar”, “Paprika” and “Homemade with garlic”, as well as two kinds of mustard: “Homemade Pungent” and “Ukrainian”.


In summer 2011 “Schedro” TM added two new products to mayonnaise range: mayonnaise “With horseradish” that contains slices of pickled horseradish and light mayonnaise “Lenten” for people who keep the fast and live a healthy lifestyle.


One of the major events of 2012 in company's life and “Schedro” TM was the launch of six popular and innovative flavors:  sauces “Fiery Salsa” with pieces of red pepper and onion, “Homemade Ajika”, “Mushroom” with pieces of real mushrooms, “Barbecue” ketchup with smoky flavor, “Tomato” with high concentration of tomatoes and “French” mustard made of selected wholegrain mustard seeds.