History of Schedro TM is the history of Trade Mark which took its firm position on Ukrainian market and in Ukrainian houses in a short period of time.


In 2005, the Schedro TM was born.  A simple idea of a simple person was implemented - to bring generosity of Ukrainian traditions to every house. The idea which turned out to be the national company which became a serious competitor for well-known, international brands. The secret of success is extraordinarily simple and known to every Ukrainian: GENEROSITY, openness and constant advance will find its path to every heart!


First products of Schedro TM, mayonnaise and margarine, were manufactured by caring hands of Lvov manufacturers at the Lvov fat factory.


In 2006, Kharkov fat factory has joined the production process due to increased production volumes.


In 2006 Zaporozhye Oil and Fat Factory becomes a part of «Schedro» family. In 2008 was started production of mayonnaise with use of natural fermented yolk started. 


By 2009 the Schedro Trade Mark shows constant growth since the moment of its creation and shares over 70 % of margarine market and about 17 % of mayonnaise market. On margarine market - the Schedro Trade Mark becomes an unconditional leader and takes the 2nd place on mayonnaise market (basing on results of year 2009). 


In 2009 we started production of ketchups under the Schedro trade mark. On tables of Ukrainian people you can find tomato sauces: Shaslychnyi, Chili, Tomato, Lagidny.


In 2010 Schedro pleases Ukrainian mistresses with variety of Schedro TM sauces and mustard.


In the year 2013, Schedro TM demonstrated market share growth in priority-oriented sauces groups and strengthened a status of the sauces market innovator.  Tabasco innovative taste with the world-known pepper tabasco and Barbeque taste with the flavor of the fire smoke were presented and also the first in Ukraine organic mayonnaise was introduced


In 2014 Schedro TM broadened ORGANIC sauce line and is the first of Ukrainian producers who offered an organic ketchup with “Euro-leaf” certificate. This European certificate testifies EU standards compliance of the product in the sphere of organic agriculture.


Schedro TM has completely updated line of ketchup in 2015. The structure of all kinds of ketchup, which produces brand, organic spices were introduced. Moreover, design change their packaging.


At the beginning of 2016 Schedro TM  presented mayonnaise «Home for Children» - the first in Ukraine mayonnaise, which can be administered in the diet of children from three years. A couple of months later, a children's line of products enriched with ketchup «Tomato for children». Schedro TM assortment of sauces enriched «Kherson» and «Krasnodar».