About Schedro

Everything in the world has its name; every name is given for a reason. The name of "Schedro" trade mark has its special sense. Because it was created on land warmed by generous sun, on the land generously watered with pure rains, on land cared by generous and open minded people who spare an effort neither for work, nor for fun.


As the years fly by, generations change, but traditions remain. Born on Ukrainian land the "Schedro" imbibed all that best that our land is rich of, having aggregated traditions of Ukrainian cuisine with modern production technology.


Rich taste of aromatic and useful products, natural ingredients, unique recipes of ancient kitchen and care about each buyer is something that distinguishes "Schedro" from other trademarks. Quality and faultless taste of its products make the "Schedro" so special, as each product passed through careful Ukrainian hands, rigid control and highest level of certification. Flavoring indexes of our products are proven in years and variety of tastes will not leave any gourmet indifferent.


Company production constantly receives greatest appreciation of quality. All enterprises that "Schedro" manufacture products conform to high standards and passed ISO certification. 


High quality of Schedro  products is regularly proved to be true by independent inspections performed by Ukrainian companies and networks, and the quality of "Schedro" TM products takes leading positions comparing to other competitors trademarks.


Wide assortment of "Schedro" products totals of more than 50 kinds of goods, even the most whimsical buyer will find the product he wants. Besides, the "Schedro" trade mark pleases the consumers with innovations more often than any other trade mark on the market of sauces and margarine.


Perhaps that is why almost every Ukrainian mistress chooses "Schedro" margarine for bakery as statistics testify: the share of "Schedro" TM on this market constitutes over 70 %.


Open Company "Schedro" constantly improves production technologies: since 2007 the company started production of margarine of improved quality. In 2008 the company started production of mayonnaise using its new unique technology with use of natural fermented yolk. Thanks to this technology "Schedro" mayonnaise has got flavoring advantages comparing to products of competitors. 


Besides of application of unique technologies, "Schedro" TM team never forgets about various tastes of our consumers. In year 2009 the production of "Schedro" ketchups was started, highly appreciated by buyers. These tomato sauces differ by its high quality, variety of tastes, and what is the most important - its accessible price. 


The year 2010 also became rather productive for the company. In June the family of "Schedro" sauces has become enriched with sauces on mayonnaise basis and mustard. The production of sauces on tomato basis was started in August.


During five years of its existence the "Schedro" trade mark has taken a leading position on margarine market, the second position on mayonnaise market.


Production success of all "Schedro" products is based on ancient Ukrainian traditions saved and passed from generation to generation by masters from different regions of the country. Factories manufacturing products of "Schedro" TM (Lvov and Zaporozhye fat factories), total in more than seventy-year history and proved to be leaders of Ukrainian production for a long time. Except of experience these enterprises can be also proud of constant modernization of equipment, start of new production lines that favorably differs them from lump of competitors which are saving on equipment, thus on quality of products. 


In December 2013 the unique for Ukraine information and technical ground in practicing of receipts for the specific requirements of the clients was launched at the territory of Zaporozhe refinery. Thanks to such innovations the quality of manufactured products constantly improves.


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